It’s a Trip

"Becky Shaw" at the Gremlin Theatre

The OLD LOG THEATRE Offers ‘A Theatrical Guide to Farce and Fun!’

"A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder" at the Old Log Theatre

Today’s cover: Meet Jane Froiland

Host of Season 2 of "The Bazzness"


A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder tells the story of a roguishly charming Monty Navarro, a distant heir to a family fortune, setting …


Becky shaw

By Gina Gionfriddo, directed by Ellen Fenster

"a ferociously funny comedy of outrageously bad manners" - …

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Dani Pazurek and Nick Manthe

Disrupt the Imaginary Yet Powerful Borders

Ask an Admin with AnaSofía Villanueva

Rootedness: An Editor's Welcome

Playlist's new lead editor

John Gebretatose Headshot

Ask an Admin with John Gebretatose

Relax. It's not if you fuck up, but when you fuck up.




Techs + Designers

“"The arts are increasingly becoming a playground for the wealthy, which limits the kinds of stories that are being told"”

— Kari Bentley-Quinn

David Hanzal, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Collective Unconscious; Photo: Leif Jurgensen

"Once Upon A Time" with David Hanzal 

Playlist's Kit Bix interviews David Hanzal of Collective Unconscious

By Kit Bix

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