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“Fringe is more than the festival” —

Interview with Dawn Bentley, Executive Director of Minnesota Fringe

The Hottest Stop in Town: Floyd’s

Lynn Nottage and the Guthrie Theater place humanity front and center

Death by Fringe! Second Skin

Part of Minnesota Playlist's 2019 Minnesota Fringe Reviews

Today’s cover: Interview with Meghan Kreidler

Theater Mu's "Hot Asian Doctor Husband" and life as a working actor in the Twin Cities



Created by David Pisa and John Heimbuch

Forgotten alchemy. An ancient order. The pursuit of new magic.

A …


Agatha Christie: Rule of Thumb

Three one-act murder mysteries by the most-read mystery writer of all time – Dame Agatha Christie: In The Wasp’s Nest, Hercule …


Guts & Teeth

Guts & Teeth improvise hyperjubilant stage cartoons about the horrors of modern living.  

The Public’s Liaison to Escape

Ask an Admin with Renata Nijiya

Disrupt the Imaginary Yet Powerful Borders

Ask an Admin with AnaSofía Villanueva

Ask an Admin: Isabel Nelson

Building a theatre company out of nothing

Image from Transatlantic Love Affair's 105 Proof
John Gebretatose Headshot

Ask an Admin with John Gebretatose

Relax. It's not if you fuck up, but when you fuck up.




Techs + Designers

“s a big deal in the sense that we have won in our favor for unions — and in my opinion I've made a win for women standing up for themselves in workplaces, because this case could be cited in future cases,”

— Molly Diers

More art? Yes Please.

Creative MN 2019 study reveals growth in arts and culture economy

By Damon Runnals

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