Big & Dumb: Perfectly good sketches, ruined.

Presented by Meghan Wolff and Heather Meyer

Strike Theater

824 18th Ave NE ​Minneapolis, MN 55418


Call 612-590-0454
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90 minutes

Past performances

Friday, January 11 7:30 pm
Saturday, January 12 7:30 pm
Comedy Experimental New work Minnesota premiere

We mashed up a sketch show with physical challenges (i.e. Double Dare), so come see some perfectly good sketches get ruined. We'd tell you what the physical challenges are, but our sketch performers don't get to know until night of. We can promise it'll be real big and real dumb.

Please come, we've spent a LOT of money on Jello.

Hosted and created by Meghan Wolff and Heather Meyer.

Unwitting performers: Mame Pelletier, Lizzie Gardner, Maria Bartholdi, Matt Slater, Mike Fotis, and Bobby Gardner.

Continuity Judge: Danna Sheridan
Sound and Light Design: Davis Steen