Calendar Girls

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120 minutes

With intermission

Past performances

Thursday, January 11 7:30 pm
Friday, January 12 7:30 pm
Saturday, January 13 7:30 pm
Thursday, January 18 7:30 pm
Friday, January 19 7:30 pm
Saturday, January 20 7:30 pm

Calendar Girls is the hilarious and touching true story of middle-aged friends Chris and Annie who, upon the sudden loss of Annie’s husband, resolve to raise money to buy a new sofa for the family room at the local Yorkshire hospital. Their racy plan to raise the money involves them and fellow Women’s Institute members tastefully posing nude for an annual calendar.

The successful sales and media storm that follows puts Chris  and Annie’s friendship to the test, while also proving “the flowers of Yorkshire are like the women of Yorkshire, the last phase of life is always the most glorious.”