Grey Matters

Presented by Arts Nest Fledgling Program

Phoenix Theater

2605 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408

$15, pwyc Monday

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75 minutes

Past performances

Friday, January 11 7:30 pm
Saturday, January 12 7:30 pm
Sunday, January 13 2:30 pm
Monday, January 14 7:30 pm
  • Pay what you can night
Thursday, January 17 7:30 pm
Friday, January 18 7:30 pm
  • ASL interpreted
  • Audio described
Saturday, January 19 7:30 pm
Comedy New work

Grey Matters
A Parody of Genius

A new play by Shannon Elliott
Director: Larisa Netterlund

Famed super genius Albert Einstein had his brain stolen out of his body after his death and it was kept in a jar for forty years in the name of discovering genius.

This is 100% true.

Turns out not all scientific pursuits are as glamorous as e=mc2. In fact, sometimes there’s a point when you should let it go. Between the discovery of the death of Einstein (and theft of his brain) to a fateful road trip cross country with the brain in his trunk, Grey Matters takes you through the lows and the lows of one man’s life of obsession.

This one act play styled as a 1950s instructional film takes its inspiration from the wacky world of the father of beat poetry William Burroughs. Three actors portray Dr. Harvey and multiple characters throughout his forty-year journey with Einstein’s brain. A non-stop rollercoaster exploring what it looks like to be so close to genius and yet so far.

Shannon Elliot Writer, Producer