NW4W 2018: Queen Drea//Paige Collette

Presented by Red Eye Theater

Red Eye Theater

15 W 14th St Mpls, MN 55403

$10 - $18

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Past performances

Thursday, June 7 8:00 pm
  • Pay what you can night
Friday, June 8 8:00 pm
  • Post-show party
Saturday, June 9 7:00 pm
Experimental New work Minnesota premiere

Week Three: ISOLATED ACTS, June 7-8-9
A Double Bill


+ FROM BLACK WOMBS by Queen Drea

According to the news section of Paige Collette's 1999 Catholic high school year book, "Scandal rocks the White House as President Bill Clinton is accused of perjury and obstruction of justice.  In an impeachment trial before the U.S. Senate, President Clinton is acquitted of the charges."  While Monica Lewinsky's name isn't mentioned in this blurb, she's the figure who's captured Paige's imagination for years.  Drawing upon cooking shows, the QVC, and music from the 1990s as inspiration, The Monica Meditations is a performance exploration of public scandal, private heartbreak, and resilience.

Queen Drea is an electronic musician who creates live, scores on stage. Her latest work, FROM BLACK WOMBS, is an Afro-futuristic dystopian tale about two orphaned sisters. Having lost their parents in a revolution against white supremacy, the siblings seek to establish a new America in response to the bleak world where black men are scarce because of the school-to-prison complex and the murder of unarmed men by police.