ISO Male Actors/Singers Ages 17-26 and Female Actors/Singers Ages 6-14

We are in search of 1 male actor to play a lead in an original musical to be produced at Hamline University’s Anne Simley Theater. We are also looking for young men in the same age range for our ensemble. 


We are searching for 2 girls aged 10-14 to play supporting roles in this production, along with 3 girls aged 6-10 for small speaking and dancing parts. 


Rehearsals will take place weekdays June 4-15 5-9pm at the Bush Center Ballroom, and weekdays June 18-27 5-9pm in the Anne Simley Theater. Performance dates are as follows:

June 28th at 7 pm

June 29th at 7 pm

June 30th at 2 pm and 7 pm

July 1st at 2 pm and 7 pm

If you are interested, please submit a 1 minute audition song recording to, along with a resume and headshot, if you have one. If not, do not stress. 


This is an unpaid position. 


Twins Queen Isabella and Queen Winnifred were separated as children, destined to rule two different kingdoms alone. Winnifred, however, lacked the respect of her people that it took to rule effectively, and Isabella was a mystery to her people, said to be cold and harsh. It was only when they were 19 that an evil power began to threaten both of their kingdoms, leaving both sisters unaware of whom to trust. Young and alone, they both learn how to be female leaders that earn the respect of their people, while not betraying their own ideals. Along the road, they find the possibilities of love, honesty and trust, if only they can defeat the witch that promises to destroy everything they hold dear.  



Roles in need of casting will be marked with a *

QUEEN ISABELLA: 16-20 (Mezzo-Belt)

Strong-willed and harsh, with a kind heart. Buries her feelings due to her past hardships.


QUEEN WINNIFRED: 16-20 (Mezzo-Belt)

Kind and innocent, and rather naive. She wants to lead but does not know how.


LORD DRAVON: 15-19 (Tenor)

Younger son of Absinthe. Awkward and fearful, and very easy to love. He is afraid of his mother’s wrath, but does not believe in evil.


*LORD ZEPHYR: 19-25 (Tenor)

The confident elder son of Absinthe. Follows his mother more blindly, and is very charming, but would do anything for those he loves.


LADY ABSINTHE: 19-25 (Alto)

The jealous former lover of the late king. She seeks revenge on his daughters. Wicked.


FREDA: 18-25 (Soprano)

Older woman who has cared for Isabella and Winnifred as children. She is kind and wise, and very motherly.



Deceitful and greedy. He wants to sweep the throne out from Winnifred in any way he can. Cowardly.


PRINCE JEREMY: 16-25 (Baritone)

Pompous and in love with himself. Very dramatic and determined to marry Winnifred.



Loyal and determined to end the war. More concerned with politics than human beings.


NARRATOR: 18-22 (Non-Singing)

Observant and appears unbiased, but loving to her wife.


*YOUNGEST ISABELLA: 6-10 (Non-Singing)

Innocent and kind. Very adorable and loving.


*YOUNGEST WINNIFRED: 6-10 (Non-Singing)

Innocent and kind. Very adorable and loving.


*YOUNG ISABELLA: 10-14 (Mezzo-Soprano)

Frightened, yet kind and open-minded.


*YOUNG WINNIFRED: 10-14 (Mezzo-Soprano)

Kind and naive. Very childish.


*ENSEMBLE: 15-25 (All Ranges):


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