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Feature film. This is a SAG low-budget agreement. Actors can be SAG or NON-SAG. Shooting some days, some nights, some weekends. We will work around your schedule. There is some pay. Please submit photo and links (acting reel, vocal demo, or whatever you have) to PLEASE PUT THE CHARACTER YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL. Thanks everyone! 

JOHN (35-45) Kind, blue collar, beaten-down construction worker who can sing and play guitar (strumming and finger picking) Father to a 6 year old. Must be someone we can root for. Actor must have a strong or unique singing voice. LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY

KAT(25-35) Edgy, passionate, dynamic, alpha female. She’s a powerhouse. A renowned music talent scout with a dark past.  Actor must have a strong singing voice and be able to play some piano. LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY

LAUREN (32-42) Beautiful, unpredictable, dramatic. John’s wife and mother of their 6 year old. 13 juicy scenes. SUPPORTING LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY.

COLTON (25-35) Lead singer in a rock band. (in the vein of Coldplay, Live, Snow Patrol, OAR, The Fray, etc…) Hip, charismatic, bit of an attitude. Great singing voice. 7 scenes. SUPPORTING LEAD, ANY ETHNICITY. 

WAYNE (65-75) Weathered, alcoholic widower. He is Kat’s father. A lovable, heartbroken dad. Must be able to sing a few verses of “Amazing Grace.” 6 scenes. SUPPORTING ROLE

MALONE (50’s-70’s) Bartender who has seen life come and go from behind the bar. Sarcastic, curt, doesn’t suffer fools. 6 scenes. SUPPORTING ROLE, ANY ETHNICITY.

GARRETT (40’s or 50’s) Big time record company executive. Slick, polished. 3 scenes. SUPPORTING ROLE, ANY ETHNICITY.

MILLIE (6 years old) Daughter of our lead. Sweet and spunky. 8 scenes. SUPPORTING ROLE, ANY ETHNICITY. 

MERCY (20’s) Fresh-faced, up-and-coming singer who was recently signed to a record deal. Must be able to sing and play piano. 1 big scene. SUPPORTING ROLE, ANY ETHNICITY. 

PAWN SHOP SALESMAN (man or woman, any age) Interesting character. Can be comedic. 1 small scene. SUPPORTING ROLE, ANY ETHNICITY. 

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