"Dinner With George" NYU Thesis Casting in MN

Auditions for an NYU Thesis film, "Dinner With George", are being held in Minneapolis by director Anneliese Lee-Reid!

Sign up for an appointment HERE. SAG-AFTRA student waivers are available!

Casting for these roles: 

Grandma: Aged 73, Caucasian. Born and raised in rural Southern MN, she is the chair of every social function in town, and incredibly nurturing to her large family. She has a deep religious Lutheran background, and knows that her family doesn't share her views. Ten years after the death of her husband, she has begun dating again, and she is introducing her boyfriend to her family for the first time, much to her granddaughter's dismay. 

George: Aged 79, Caucasian. A farmer for most of his life, and a wise and down-to-earth widower from rural Southern MN. Seen as the Catholic heartthrob of the town, he has settled down to date Grandma, and is meeting her family for the first time. 

Velma: Aged 80, Caucasian. Eccentric and full of energy with a special talent for knowing everyone's business. She always hangs around Main Street, waiting for someone to come by and say hello. 

Michael: Aged 45, Caucasian. Son of Grandma and father to the main character, Lisa, Michael is a quiet, reflective type with an talent for amateur photography. He usually stays out of the way at family functions, preferring to sit in the corner, editing his photos. 

Andrea: Aged 42, Caucasian. A headstrong, extroverted woman, mother to the main character, Lisa. She loves a good laugh and a family party, but is no nonsense when it comes to a child acting out. She has lots of love and laughter in her heart, for both her children and the world around her. 

The Story: 

Dinner With George is a coming-of-age story about Lisa, a precocious and headstrong seventeen year-old Minnesotan girl, and her family. Ten years after the death of her grandfather, Lisa’s grandmother is dating again, and Lisa isn’t happy. The film is a nostalgic and honest coming-of-age story that portrays the life and childhood of what it means to grow up in a small Midwestern town. The story incorporates many of my own memories of my grandmother’s home, and the traditions we share together, emphasizing the importance of family. This film proves that the strength of the familial bonds transcends any possible crises. 

Rehearsals and Production:

Rehearsals will take place between May 20th and June 15th based on actor availability, likely evenings and weekends. 

Production dates are June 18-22, shooting in Minnesota Lake, MN. Lodgings and food will be provided. 

Casting Dates and Times: 

5:00-8:00pm, Wednesday, March 14th

5:00-8:00pm, Thursday, March 15th

Callbacks: 5:00-8:00pm, Friday, March 16th

Please bring headshot/resume and be prepared to list conflicts for rehearsal and production. 

Sign up for an appointment HERE

These roles are unpaid, but wonderful opportunities to work on a film set with up-and-coming filmmakers, as well as a copy of the film for a professional reel. This film will be submitted to festivals with possibilities for awards. 

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"Dinner With George" NYU Thesis Short Film
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