"Dinner With George" - NYU Thesis Film Auditions

Auditions for an NYU Thesis film, "Dinner With George", are being held in Minneapolis by director Anneliese Lee-Reid!

Sign up for an appointment HERE. SAG-AFTRA student waivers are available!

Casting for these roles: 

Young Lisa: Aged 7, Caucasian. Strong-willed precocious spirit with a sense of morality. Thoughtful and worried for her grandmother, just days after her grandfather's death. The protagonist of the first part of the film, the young version of Lisa, the protagonist for the rest of the film. NON-SPEAKING ROLE.

Michael: Aged 45, Caucasian. Son of Grandma and father to the main character, Lisa. Michael is a quiet, reflective type.. He usually stays out of the way at family functions. NON-SPEAKING ROLE.

The Story: 

Dinner With George is a coming-of-age story about Lisa, a precocious and headstrong seventeen year-old Minnesotan girl, and her family. On a warm summer day in a town where nothing changes, a Minnesotan family congregates for their grandfather's funeral. As the tight-knit family reminisces through old photos and gathers around traditional Midwestern meals, 7-year-old Lisa can see that her grandmother is deeply mourning the loss of her husband, despite her efforts to appear strong. Lisa intuitively attempts to comfort Grandma in her grief.

Ten years later, Lisa's family is back in town for the weekend, and Grandma has invited a guest to dinner: her new boyfriend, George. Lisa is wary of this new addition to the family as early memories of her grandfather's passing come rushing back. When Lisa blows up at dinner, the family is sent into chaos. Grandma is now barely speaking to Lisa and everyone is uneasy. Being in such a small town, Lisa inevitably runs into George at the post office. Lisa must learn to look past her own feelings of betrayal to see George for the man he is and what he means to her grandmother.

Rehearsals and Production:

Rehearsals will take place between May 30th and June 15th based on actor availability, likely evenings and weekends. 

Production dates are June 19-23, shooting in Minnesota Lake, MN. Lodgings and food will be provided throughout the entire shoot. 

Casting Date and Time: 

6:00-9:00pm, Tuesday, May 29th

Please bring headshot/resume and be prepared to list conflicts for rehearsal and production.

Sign up for an appointment HERE. The location of the audition will be shared upon submission. 

These roles are unpaid, but wonderful opportunities to work on a film set with up-and-coming filmmakers, as well as a copy of the film for a professional reel. This film will be submitted to festivals with possibilities for awards. 

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