Intimacy Directors International Workshops

Six Elements Theatre is proud to once again host our friends and colleagues from Intimacy Directors International for a weekend of classes and workshops on Intimacy for the Stage and Screen. This Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Intimacy for the Stage founder Tonia Sina will be running multiple learning opportunities for this rapidly growing and highly in-demand craft.

2-Day Intensive - Saturday/Sunday January 19/20 1:30PM-10PM
In this Introductory workshop, students will be given techniques on how to form a safe and effective environment for basic intimacy work in classroom and professional production situations. Topics include:
Harassment and Assault in theatre 
Consent in Theatre 
Teaching intimacy as an acting technique 
Basic choreography 
The pillars as applied to intimacy direction
Knowing choreographer limitations
Trauma and mental health first aid in theatre
and kissing/nudity protocol

Intimacy for the Stage and Screen: A Presentation: 
Monday, January 21, 12PM
This lecture and following Q&A session will take attendees through the history of intimacy direction, what the industry is doing to currently accommodate it, and where we hope the performing arts will take this work in the future. 

Intimacy for the Stage for Performers
Monday, January 21, 3:30PM-6:30PM
This class examines the technique behind finding authentic chemistry between scene partners while separating the romantic lives of the actors from their characters. We will explore several acting exercises designed specifically to safely explore the energy used in acting scenes of intimacy. A safe space will be provided. No kissing is required in the workshop, some light contact will be included

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