Norcostco: Stagehand -Over hire

Job Purpose

Stagehand over hires will assist with unpacking, assembling, hanging, programing and focusing lights on new construction and remodel projects.



Norcostco will enlist the over hire staff on an as need basis, with a primary need June to September, to meet requirements of projects within the 5 state area (MN, IA, ND, SD, WI). Compensations will be an hourly rate based on job requirements and experience and will include coverage for both travel and onsite time. Mileage will be reimbursed to Over hires from Norcostco based on current IRS rate. Hotel and food expenses will be paid and/or reimbursed by Norcostco. Projects may require background checks to be administered at no cost to Over hire employees. Norcostco will provide any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for site work except footwear e.g. Steel toes. Over hires will be required to submit a W-9 and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before being able to be scheduled for work. Over Hires will be responsible to submit an hour log and expense report, as defined by Norcostco, at the completion of each visit. Payment will be made as an independent contractor and taxes shall be the responsibility of the individual.  No offer or status of employment is made by Norcostco as part of the offer of over hire work.

Required Qualifications

  • Basic skills and knowledge in electricity.
  • Basic skills and knowledge in stage lighting and technology
  • Ability to assemble lighting fixtures both conventional and LED.
  • Basic skills and knowledge in rigging.
  • Computer skills related to lighting systems and controllers.
  • Demonstrates a consistent and reliable level of skill, ability and personal responsibility.
  • Demonstrates creative problem-solving skills.
  • Follows Best practices for site safety including jobsite safety requirements and Norcostco Safety Policy
  • Strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Basic Skills with personal lifts

 Working conditions

  • Ability to be scheduled based on the needs of the project. Project Sites are typically open during day time hours, but additional hours may be scheduled to meet project complete deadlines. Projects may require overnight stays close to the site depending on distance from twin cities.

 Physical requirements

  • Physical ability to lift and hold at least 25lbs.

Please submit a Resume with 3 recent references to

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