Seeking Pianists and Singers, $30 an hour, for Showcase, Demo Recordings, and Rehearsals.

Hello MN Playlist! Time to freshen up my Rolodex as I’m recording demos for my latest musical soon. I’m also looking for singers and a pianist for a “Twin Cities Theater Writers' Seasonal Showcase” August 27th, also to be recorded. Here is the facebook page for that:

*There’s still space on the evening for another writer or two to present material, so spread the word if you know any theatre writers looking to get their stuff out there to get seen and video-recorded!

So yeah, I’m looking for pianists and singers of all types. Songs I’m considering for my portion of the Showcase can be heard by following the link below.

If interested in the Showcase or the Demo Recordings please send me ( links (the more the better don’t be shy!) to your singing or piano playing online, youtube/soundcloud/dropbox/etc. -super extra credit if you want to send me a 15 second smartphone clip attachment of you parroting something from a song at the above link, but it’s not necessary.

*Note on the demo sessions: recordings will be done near 40th and 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis, Sept-Oct, Weekends 9:00am-5:00pm, or weekdays 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

*Note on pianist skills desired: I have meager scores written (I am primarily a guitarist), so being able to improvise along with rhythm guitar and a lead sheet like you would in a rock band is a big plus.

*Note on Showcase Recording: I want people to be able to protect what is out there of themselves online, so for the one-take Showcase recordings veto power will be given to the singer, of up to all but a 30-second clip of the singer’s choosing, which I will probably use in a clip reel instead of its own full-song video. You may also request your name be unlisted with the online video if you so choose.

*Last, the $30 an hour rate for rehearsing, performing, and recording is negotiable. If you are interested but feel $30 is too low for your mad skillz, feel free to quote me your current rate!

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Posted July 21