The Phipps Seeks Production Staff for 2018-19 Season

The Phipps Center for the Arts in Hudson, Wis., seeks directors, music directors, choreographers, and stage managers as well as scenic, lighting, costume, props, and sound designers for the following productions during its 2018-19 season, performance rights pending. All positions receive a stipend.

Please e-mail your statement of interest in any and all productions as well as your resume to by January 31. 


The Red Box, based on the novel by Rex Stout, adapted for the stage by Joseph Goodrich  

Seeking only stage manager, lighting and props designers

Main Stage

Scenic Due: 3/20/2018

Props List Due: 4/17/2018

Light Plot Due: 5/21/2018

Tech: 5/25/2018-5/26/2018

Run: 6/1/2018-6/17/2018


Happy Days, Book by Garry Marshall, Music and Lyrics by Paul Williams

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 7/13/2018-8/05/2018

Scenic Design Due: 4/13/2018

Auditions: 5/06/2018-5/12/2018 (based on 8 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 5/11/2018

Build Begin: 6/12/2018 (5.5 weeks Build/overlaps build of Red Box)

Light Plot Due: 6/22/2018

Load-In: 6/25/2018-6/29/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 6/25/2018-6/29/2018

Tech Weekend: 7/07/2018-7/08/2018

Strike: 8/05/2018


The Phipps Dance Theater 

Seeking only stage manager, lighting and sound designers

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 8/17/2018-8/26/2018

Scenic & Props Design Due: 6/01/2018


Build Begin: 7/24/2018 (3 weeks Build)

Light Plot Due: 8/02/2018

Load-In: 8/06/2018-8/10/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 8/06/2018-8/10/2018

Tech Weekend: 8/11/2018-8/12/2018

Strike: 8/26/2018


A Nice Family Gathering, by Phil Olson

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 9/07/2018-9/23/2018

Scenic Design Due: 7/06/2018

Auditions: 7/15/2018-7/21/2018 (based on 6 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 7/20/2018

Build Begin: 7/31/2018 (4-5 weeks Build)

Light Plot Due: 8/24/2018

Load-In: 8/27/2018-8/31/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 8/27/2018-8/31/2018

Tech Weekend: 9/01/2018-9/02/2018

Strike: 9/23/2018


The Phipps Children’s Theater

Tomie dePaola’s Strega Nona, based on the books of Tomie dePaola, adapted by Thomas W. Olson, with music by Roberta Carlson    

Student stage manager

Location: Black Box

Dates: 10/05/2018-10/14/2018

Scenic Design Due: 8/03/2018

Auditions: 8/12/18-8/18/18 (based on 6 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 8/17/2018

Build Begin: 9/13/2018 (2.5 weeks Build)

Light Plot Due: 9/21/2018

Load-In: 9/24/2018-9/28/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 9/24/2018-9/28/2018

Tech Weekend: 9/29/2018-9/30/2018

Strike: 10/14/2018


Sister Act, Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Glenn Slater, Book by Cheri Steinkellner and Bill Steinkellner, Additional Book Material by Douglas Carter Beane, Based on the Touchstone Pictures Motion Picture, Sister Act, written by Joseph Howard

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 11/02/2018-11/25/2018

Scenic Design Due: 8/17/2018

Auditions: 8/26/2018-9/01/2018 (based on b weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 8/31/2018

Build Begin: 9/18/2018 (6 weeks Build/overlaps Strega Nona)

Light Plot Due: 10/19/2018

Load-In: 10/22/2018-10/26/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 10/22/2018-10/26/2018

Tech Weekend: 10/27/2018-10/28/2018

Strike: 11/25/2018


The Phipps Children’s Theater

Bah, Humbug!  Scrooge’s Christmas Carol, book adapted by Rebecca Ryland, music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur    

Student stage manager

Location: Black Box

Dates: 11/30/2018-12/16/2018

Scenic Design Due: 9/21/2018

Auditions: 9/30/2018-10/06/2018 (based on 7 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 10/05/2018

Build Begin: 11/06/2018 (2.5 weeks Build)

Light Plot Due: 11/16/2018

Load-In: 11/18/2018-11/21/2018

Light Hang/Focus: 11/18/2018-11/21/2018

Tech Weekend: 11/25/2018

Strike: 12/16/2018


The Phipps Dance Theater  

The Jazz Age   

Seeking only stage manager, lighting and sound designers

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 1/11/2019-1/20/2019


Scenic & Props Design Due: 11/21/2018

Build Begin: 12/17/2018 (1-2 weeks Build/overlaps 84 Charring)

Light Plot Due: 1/02/2019

Load-In: 1/02/2019-1/04/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 1/02/2019-1/04/2019

Tech Weekend:1/05/2018-1/06/2018

Strike: 1/20/2019


84 Charing Cross Road, Adapted by James Roose Evans from the book by Helene Hanff

Location: Black Box

Dates: 1/18/2019-2/03/2019

Scenic Design Due: 11/02/2018

Auditions: 11/11/2018-11/17/2018 (based on 6 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 11/16/2018

Build Begin: 12/11/2018 (2-3 weeks Build/overlaps Jazz Age)

Light Plot Due: 1/04/2019

Load-In: 1/07/2019-1/11/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 1/07/2019-1/11/2019

Tech Weekend: 1/12/2019-1/13/2019

Strike: 2/03/2019


The Phipps Children’s Theater

Willy Wonka, Jr., Adapted for the stage by Leslie Bricusse and Timothy Allen McDonald , Lyrics and Music by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, Based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Roald Dahl  

Director selected & student stage manager

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 2/15/2019-3/03/2019

Scenic Design Due: 11/16/2018

Auditions: 11/25/2018-12/01/2018 (based on 6 weeks reh. Begin 1/2/19)

Property List Due: 11/30/2018

Build Begin: 1/08/2019 (5 weeks Build/overlaps Jazz Age & 84 Charring)

Light Plot Due: 2/01/2019

Load-In: 2/04/2019-2/08/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 2/04/2019-2/08/2019

Tech Weekend: 2/09/2019-2/10/2019

Strike: 3/03/2019


The Charitable Sisterhood of the Second Trinity Victory Church,

by Bo Wilson

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 3/22/2019-4/07/2019

Scenic Design Due: 1/18/2019

Auditions: 1/27/2019-2/02/2019 (based on 6 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 2/01/2019

Build Begin: 2/12/2019

Light Plot Due: 3/08/2019

Load-In: 3/11/2019-3/15/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 3/11/2019-3/15/2019 Page 4 of 4

Tech Weekend: 3/16/2019-3/17/2019

Strike: 4/07/2019


The Phipps Dance Company   

Seeking only stage manager, lighting and sound designers

Location: Black Box

Dates: 3/29/2019-4/07/2019

Scenic & Props Design Due: 2/15/2019

Build Begin: 3/12/2019 (2 weeks Build/overlaps Sisterhood & Flat Stan)

Light Plot Due: 3/15/2019

Load-In: 3/18/2019-3/22/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 3/18/2019-3/22/2019

Tech Weekend: 3/23/19-3/24/2019

Strike: 4/07/2019


The Phipps Children’s Theater

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr., Lyrics by Timothy Allen McDonald  and Jonathan K. Waller, Music by Timothy Allen McDonald, Jonathan K. Waller, David Weinstein, and Stephen Gabriel, Book by Timothy Allen McDonald, Based on the book Flat Stanley, by Jeff Brown.    

Student stage manager

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 4/26/2019-5/05/2019

Scenic Design Due: 2/15/2019

Auditions: 2/24/2019-03/02/2019 (based on 7 weeks reh.)

Property List Due: 3/01/2019

Build Begin: 3/19/2019 (5 weeks Build/overlaps PDC & Sisterhood)

Light Plot Due: 4/05/2019

Load-In: 4/08/2019-4/12/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 4/08/2019-4/12/2019

Tech Week: 4/15/2019-4/18/2019 (Easter is normal tech weekend)

Strike: 5/05/2019


The Phipps Student Dance Recitals   

Seeking only lighting and sound designers

Location: Main Stage

Dates: 5/18/2019-5/19/2019

Light Plot Due: 5/03/2019

Load-In: 5/06/2019-5/10/2019

Light Hang/Focus: 5/06/2019-5/10/2019

Tech Weekend: 5/17/2019

Strike: 5/21/2019

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