The Scarlet Letter Auditions

(lumin) theater lab is auditioning for its upcoming production of "The Scarlet Letter" adapted from the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel by Kelli Tatum.

Directed by: Libby Wasylik

There are multiple roles for young children.

Auditions will be in a workshop style involving a collaborative generative process including the devising of material as a group.

Actors will be engaging in improvisation and devising small scenes.

Please also prepare 1-2 minute monologueto perform.

Please bring a headshot and resume to the audition

Click on this link to sign up for a 1.5 hour block.

Audition Dates:

Saturday, 9/15 5-8:30pm

Saturday, 9/22 9am-12:30pm



Saturday, 9/22 6-9pm


Auditions and callbacks will be held at:

Our Savior’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

400 W 9thSt. Hastings, MN 55033


Performance Dates:

02/08/19 – 02/10/19

02/15/19 – 02/17/19

02/22/19 – 02/23/19

Tech Week: 02/02/19 –02/07/19 

Strike: 2/24/19

Roles Available:

Mistress Underhill: (35-50) Townswoman widowed with no children but well off. She has a lot of influence in the community and judges Hester very harshly

Mistress Stoddard: (25-45) Younger townswoman and mother of Patience 

Mistress Graybrook: (25-45) Another young mother. Her daughters are faith and hope she and her husband employed Hester. And her husband, Master Graybrook, is suspected of being Pearl's father. She is pregnant at the beginning of Act II.

Mistress Harmon: (18-25) A young unmarried woman, like Hester she is employed by Mistress Underhill

Master Brackett: (25-45) Village Member who runs the prison but holds no office or power in the community

Wilson: (50-70) Elder Minister of the county. Very well respected. Participates with Govenor Bellingham in passing judgment and setting the punishment for Hester's crime

Dimmesdale: (25-40) Young hotshot preacher. His passion extends beyond the pulpit and is continuously fighting his desire for Hester and other young women in the community

Bellingham: (50-70) Senior official in the area. He is very wealthy and powerful. He makes the rules

Patience: (7-10) Young daughter of Mistress Stoddard

Faith: (7-10) Young daughter of Mistress Graybrook

Hope: (7-10) Young daughter of Mistress Graybrook

Pearl: (7-10) Central to the story, Pearl is precocious and bright but she is also temperamental and has terrifying tantrums at times that disrupt everyone around her

Master Graybrook: (25-45) Resident of the community. Rumored transgressor with Hester. He employed Hester on his farm before she became pregnant

Ship's Captain: (35-50) Merchant ship captain with whom Hester and Dimmsdale plan to sale away.

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