Viewpoints Drop-in Class taught by Andrew Erskine Wheeler

A drop-in class for those interested in Viewpoints, in low-impact movement work, and in community.

Every Saturday for the foreseeable future starting July 14th.

10am to noon at Phoenix Theater

From the instructor:

I want to begin by thanking Jenna Papke and Phoenix Theater for this wonderful opportunity to join Twin Cities’ artists in exploring the techniques of Viewpoints training as I’ve come to know and love them. As a 20-year member of Los Angeles’ The Actors’ Gang Theatre, under the Artistic Direction of Tim Robbins, I was incredibly fortunate to train on a weekly basis in a version of these methods derived and developed by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau based on the original “Six Viewpoints” of Time and Space created by New York choreographer Mary Overlie. Anne Bogart would later combine her own expanded Nine Viewpoints, adding Vocal Viewpoints and Compositions, along with physical and vocal training exercises of Tadashi Suzuki to inspire ways of working designed to help actors and directors co-create original forms and dynamic expressions of movement and text for use in performance and the building of ensemble.

Beginning with the “textbook” exercises, we will soon expand and evolve our own collective expression of these techniques. The work is immersive, revitalizing, and remarkable for the building of ensemble, for listening, receiving, and as is often the case, a feeling of replenishing of the soul. And who couldn’t use a little of that about now? Getting in the body, breathing, un-stressing, moving, and co-creating on a weekly basis. If you’ve never done it, dive in! No experience necessary as we begin. And if you’ve trained in it for years it would be invaluable to have you join us. Down the road as the ensemble refines and gains in virtuosity perhaps an advanced class can evolve as well.

These initial weeks and months are “Drop-In” classes so think of them as you would a yoga practice. The more you come, the more you gain, and the more the group evolves. To get things rolling, classes will be donation based with a minimum $5 donation suggested. For a 2-hour class that is quite an opportunity so, of course, feel free to contribute according to your sense of valuation for the artistic training received.

Please wear clothes and shoes to move in or else be prepared to go barefoot, no socks or flip-flops. I’ve included a PDF of two short bits of text which you can familiarize yourselves with from Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad and Homer’s The Odyssey. These will be source texts for our movement, vocal and composition work. May our odyssey together begin!

See you Saturdays!
Andrew Erskine Wheeler

P.S. The image included is a painting entitled: ‘Reaping. The Phoenix,’ which I thought appropriately auspicious, inviting, and oddly comical, by the Russian avante-garde artist, Natalia Goncharova. I love how the crown feathers of the phoenix almost look as if they
are group of hands reaching back. Natalia was a painter, costume designer, writer, illustrator, set designer, and overall artistic badass, born in Russia in 1881 moving to Paris in 1921, and living there till her death in 1952. Google her she’s amazing.

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Posted June 30