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Daniel Ajak

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January 5, 2019


Hello, My name is Dan Ajak. I was born in a refugee camp in Kenya back in 1993. My parents and I moved to the states the year after. Stillwater, MN is where my family lives, and where I'd call my hometown.  I started pursuing acting halfway through undergrad up in Fargo, ND at North Dakota State University.  I just recently finished a year of graduate school at Western Illinois University.  The school and the town weren't the right fit for what I want to do with my career.  I came back home for the year to get a taste of theatre outside of school, and get ready for grad school auditions bringing incoming classes for the fall of 2019.  I'm still pretty new to the theatre scene, but I'm immensely commited to this profession and my craft. I'm excited to see what 2019 holds!