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Florence Anderson

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January 28, 2019


I am a performer of all kinds. I'm trained in many kinds of stage combat and improv and experienced in directing, acting, and choreographing. I love performing more than anything else and look forward to continuing it over the next several decades. I also have experiencing working with children and leading theatre classes. 


Community Productions

A Nice Family Christmas-Jill-Theatre in the Woods-Roger Sweeney

Wizard of Oz-Wicked Witch-Entertainment Through Culture-Phil Warner

Night Town-Cassiopeia-Theatre in the Woods-Lane Hansen

Midsummers Night Dream-Oberon-Theatre in the Woods-Kelsey Edbert

Alice in Wonderland-Dormouse-Theatre in the Woods-Jody Peck

Oliver!-Ensemble/Soloist-Theatre in the Woods-Jody Peck

Boogieman’s Apprentice-Hortence-Theatre in the Woods-Lane Hansen

Pirates of Penzance-Victoria-Theatre in the Woods-Alex Peck

Academic Productions

Anchors Aweigh-Hyacinth Devine-Shell Lake High School Theatre-Laurie Bakkum

Dastardly Doctor Devereaux-Nurse Ivy Dripp-Shell Lake High School Theatre-Lori Sumner

Larceny and Old Lace-Agent Klack-Shell Lake High School Theatre-Danette Hopke

Tech and Crew

Death By Design-Lights and Tech-Theatre in the Woods-Eva Shruber

Tree Lot-Lights and Tech-Theatre in the Woods-Roger Sweeney

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs-Lights and Tech-Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre-Kellie Nolan

Other Notable Experience

Aladdin-Director-Theatre in the Woods

Drama/Music Club-Instructor-Spooner Middle School

Theatre Ambassador-Program Ambassador-Park Square Theatre

Upcoming Projects

The Bakers Street Irregulars Wiggins Shell Lake High School Theatre Laurie Bakkum


Special Skills and Training

Programs and Tech: Light Factory

Dance: Experience in learning/teaching/creating Choreography, Ballroom(Basic)

Language: English(Fluent), Spanish(Basic)

Dialects: French, British, German, Swedish, Spanish, Arabic

Stage Combat: Hand-to-hand(Basic), Rapier(Basic), Sword and Dagger(Basic)

Vocal: Soprano

Others: Improv, cheerleading

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