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Gillian Constable

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January 11, 2019


Gillian is a dual citizen of Australia and the United States and has made the Twin Cities her home since graduating from Luther College in 2017.


The Cradle Will Rock* (Prexy) ~ Frank Theatre ~ dir. Wendy Knox

As You Like It (Audrey) ~ 21/40 Productions ~ dir. Kivan Kirk

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Candy Starr) ~ Chameleon Theatre Circle ~ dir. Lauren Diesch

Safety Off (Various Characters) ~ Arts Nest Fledgling ~ dir. Casey Holmes

Elephant's Graveyard (Clown) ~ St. Croix Festival Theatre ~ dir. Jason Richards

Into The Woods (Rapunzel) ~ Lakeshore Players Theatre ~ dir. Christopher Teipner

*Upcoming Production

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