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Jay Kistler

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January 22, 2018


Oh hey there. I'm Jay Kistler. I've been acting on stage since 2004. I've also been a bit of an improviser as of 2013, and have been writing for Minnesota Tonight since 2016 which holds shows monthly at Brave New Workshop. I frequently work with Dangerous Productions. I'm from South Carolina. Gimme a chance!


Vote Duke Fauntleroy For Audubon Minnesota President

Take It To Court - MNT

It Came From The Great Lakes Official Trailer (2017)


Jay Kistler

RUGGIERO Models and Talent

803-360-4180 kistler.jay@gmail.com


Height: 5’8” Weight: 170 Shirt: M Pant: 31/30 Shoe: 10.5 Eye Color: Blue Hair: Blonde




Minnesota Tonight, 2016-Present Writer/Performer Kewl Shirt Productions

MN Twins/Summertime 2016 Extra Periscope 




SKIN David Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Good Boy and the Kid Somebody’s Dad/Sam Sheep Theater/Dir. Michael Torsch

Happy Crazy New Year VI Assistant, Trent, FR Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Senseless Jakes Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Tamburlaine Surge Sheep Theater/Dir. Michael Torsch

Bye Bye Liver Flowers, Greg, et. al. Actor’s Theater MN/Dir. John Haynes

Happy Crazy New Year V Mudget’s Assistant Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Epidemic/ITCH Tim Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Flanagan’s Wake   Brian Ballybunion Actor’s Theater MN/Dir. John Haynes

Frankenstein Henry Dangerous Prod/Dir. Tyler Olsen

Crazyface King of Spain, et. al. Shadow Horse/Dir. Paul von Stoetzel

BlueCo Rep.     BlueCo Actor CLIMB Theatre/Dir. Buffy Sedlachek


Acting Education and Workshops


Short - Long Form Improvisers     ComedySportz Instructor: Michael Bruckmueller

Simple Clowning Workshop  Theater Forever  Instructor: Jon Ferguson

Scenework 301 HUGE Instructor: Molly Chase 

Characters 201 HUGE Instructor: Joe Rap p

Performance Track 4   Brave New Workshop Instructor: Brian Rice

Performance Track 3   Brave New Workshop Instructor: Tom Reed

Performance Track 1&2   Brave New Workshop Instructor: Aric McKeown 

Everyday Improv 1&2   Brave New Workshop Instructor: Mike Fotis

Theatre Performance BA       Winthrop Univ. Instructor: WU Faculty


Special Skills and Activities


Long Form Improv

Accents (Russian, Irish, Scouse, American Southern)

Short Form Improv

Sketch Writing


Dance (Tap, Ballet, Modern)


Bass Guitar


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