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William W Glasper

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February 5, 2016


College advertising graduate with a change of heart for the acting arts. I was born with an innate passion for the arts and loved entertaining from showing an arts and crafts project, to performing. So perhaps instead of a change of heart, I'm finally listening to my heart. Acting feeds me in a way that is empowering, expressive, and a thrilling adrenaline rush. Acting evolves me as a human being by teaching me how to remain present in the moment with little to no worry, or over-anticipation of the future. Acting is learning by doing and I'm very hands-on with a lot of energy and personality. I'm also half introverted and love to observe other great performing arts while reverse engineering them. The acting world is very accepting and has given me a new confidence that it's okay to learn from mistakes and not just from a book. Doing. Action. Acting. Acting is how I manifest what's bottled up inside me. I don't want to exist any other way than creating and sharing art.